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Modes // #RangerRaptor

Back on topic, and off-road…

Driving to our first checkpoint at the start of our off-road stage, we were struck by how quiet the Raptor is – whether it’s a factor of the smooth running 213 PS 2.0l Bi Turbo EcoBlue Diesel or the Active Noise Control technology, we found the noisiest things about sitting in the spacious double cab interior were the bits and pieces rattling around in our bags (and me talking!).

When we got to the off-road stage then, we were able to concentrate on testing out the terrain management system with 6 modes including

Baja: for high-speed off-road performance like drivers need in the Baja Desert Rally

Mud/Sand: optimum traction and momentum on these looser surfaces

Rock: for low-speed rocky terrain

Opting at first for Rock (smooth controllability key on our first drive getting used to the vehicle), we began the climb.

Check out those views…

Down to the rocky beach and on to our next stage. Read on!

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