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Robot Buttocks // Sunscreen

You may have guessed, but the titles I choose for these blog posts aren’t always *quite* what the press pack says…

Anyway, we were handed a handy list of 5 things we absolutely did not know about the All-New Ford Fiesta (to be fair, I only knew one of them) before we came out.

Apparently the leather seats have been tested to ensure they are resistant to damage or staining from sunscreen, or more relevantly in my case from a new pair of jeans. I mean, skin can fade and you won’t be a smurf forever, but when that stuff transfers to something you can’t wash… ugh.


And robot buttocks are employed to sit 25,000 times in the seats, to test their durability. I feel like after a few years with any car my seat has been sat in way more than that though, given the amount of times I get in and out of my car to

a) go back in the house and check I didn’t leave my straighteners on

b) go back in the house and check I closed all the windows (I’m quite forgetful)

c) get in the back of the car to pick up whatever toy my littlest (3) has dropped and is now screeching about

d) repeating c) again, and again, and again…

e) move the cat from the driveway to avoid hefty vets bills when I return home…

I could go on.

Anyway, I’m at the end of day 1 of the launch event, and I actually drove! For the first time in a left-hand drive car, in a foreign country – it was amazing and slightly terrifying in equal measure.

Comfortwise, here is my initial verdict. 

We paired up to take the cars out, and Pete and I drove a 3dr Fiesta Titanium, and the handling and suspension was great – I enjoyed the ride as passenger and even as a nervous driver. The seats were comfortable and felt ‘held in’.
A friend asked if a 6ft2 person could fit in and a journalist was only too pleased to answer that he could! 

At 5ft 0 I have the opposite problem. I found that the (cloth) seats adjusted beautifully, both in height and in forward movement, so I felt comfortable behind the wheel. However (as per most 3dr cars) when you move the seat quite a way forward you end up dislocating your shoulder to reach back for the seat belt – so that’s my niggle.

I certainly had no problem leaping in and out for photo opportunities and the boot, while small in comparison to my SMax (of course) held everything we needed for the trip. A thumbs up for the robots then!

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