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In the Dark // 5 Senses

One of the surprise elements of this launch event was the sensory zone, where we were invited to experience All New Fiesta through (you guessed it) our senses…

You’ve heard a lot already about the B&O Play systems, so it was entirely appropriate that there were cocoons to explore music and sound to full effect:


Walking in the pitch dark, with your hands out ahead of you, was a disorienting experience but not entirely uncomfortable – one wall in particular felt like it was covered in soft faux fur, and I couldn’t help but snuggle into it a little as I passed…


And for vision, the demonstration of the anti-collision tech in the car was just stunning – walking around chassis ‘skeletons’ looming in the dark, setting off the sensors and understanding just how aware the car is of what’s around you was breathtaking…


All in all the sensory experience zone really got me thinking (and feeling) in new ways around the cars. Just a great idea!

PS: I didn’t wander over to experience taste and smell… allergies!

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