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Forget-me-not // #RangerRaptor

My buddy for this trip was the inimitable Filip, a Business Manager from Ford of Poland.

You get paired up at random on these trips I find, so you’re never quite sure how your personalities and priorities for the trip will combine.

I was so lucky in Spain to have a wonderful co-driver who took in all my excited demands to park the car in ‘just THIS field please’ to get the shots I wanted – would I still get to play with locations this time?

The die was cast pretty early on – the Ranger Raptors on our drive were available in two stunning colour ways, Ford Performance Blue and Conquer Grey (with optional Raptor decals), and we were both agreed we had the blue in mind for the first of our adventures.

The deep blue is simply stunning – of course it looks amazing in the Moroccan sun, but equally it would look at home back in the UK.

You also find blue in the stitching of the premium leather power seats, the interior leather details, and on the FOX Racing long-travel shocks.

So far so good – we set off in convoy, and that was that…

Or was it?

I couldn’t find my mobile phone.

What to do?

Would Filip let me go back to the airport for it, and drop out of the convoy? Would he forgive me for being an utter pain?

Of course he did…

By the time we picked my phone up from the airport car park floor (in my defence I had probably dropped it while pulling myself up into this hefty beast of a vehicle!) and returned, there was no convoy ahead, just donkeys.

Not a problem of course – with the route mapped into our Sat Nav (with ‘breadcrumb’ feature to leave a trail when exploring uncharted areas) it was time to play catch-up…

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