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Go Further // Reflect & Connect

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The day was a long one; following some delays on the way home I got home around 10pm and took the best part of the weekend to recover (I’m not as young as I was, etc etc!). Lots of time then, to reflect on the day and the event as a whole.

Being an Employee So-Me Ambassador is a lot of fun. Go Further was definitely work, but I’ve worked in much less salubrious surroundings. Having an eye not only on what you are seeing, and want to see, but what others might want you to share with them, is a skill I’m still developing – you’ll have to let me know if I’ve got the balance right!

Pictured above: me and fellow So-Me ambassador John Rowland 

Over 80 of us travelled to the event from the UK, and competition for the opportunity to attend had been fierce in a number of teams, I heard!

I commented after my last assignment that I believe these kinds of events are truly invaluable for employees; and when I asked a few of my colleagues for their reflections, they agree:

Q: What did you think of the event?

“I really appreciated the opportunity to focus on the more positive aspects of the business that will help the company grow and network with colleagues.”

“I thought the day was very well organised and very worthwhile. I saw new tech and projects that we are working on which left me feeling positive for the future.”

“It was really interesting to hear about our product line up in such detail and to have the variety of the product offering explained so well.”

Q: What surprised you, if anything?

“It was a surprise to see the new Explorer there. I wasn’t expecting that; it’s quite a beast!”

Q: What element did you enjoy or value most?

“Being able to get hands on with the new Kuga and Explorer and see a Ranger Raptor in the flesh!”

I enjoyed the presentations from all the senior executives; I felt that hearing a message of positivity about our future in Europe was needed and something that should be more frequent locally at our locations. I always feel like you leave events like this optimistic and energised. If only we could bottle that feeling to more easily pass it on to our colleagues when we get back – now that would be valuable!”

Many of my colleagues echoed my own thoughts – one of the most interesting ‘connectivity’ advantages showcased today was in the connections we made as a group – it can be easy to work in silos at times, to just get your head down day-to-day and work through what you are doing.

“What I enjoyed most was talking to colleagues from different areas of the business, outside of the pressures of day to day work, about what was going on in their area of the business. I got talking to a recent graduate Manufacturing Engineer on the plane home and it was interesting for us both to share perspectives from very different parts of the business and stages of career (18 years in company vs 2 years). The interaction with colleagues like this was really appreciated.”

Events like this give you the unparalleled opportunity to look up, break out, and listen to others’ perspectives. When you are pulling together as a company to deliver the kinds of change and innovation our customers demand, like the vehicles and solutions showcased in Amsterdam this week, that kind of connection is priceless.

I’ve been taking part in a really special @forduk event this week, sharing all the excitement with you on Social Media. Be Social with me using the icons below #GoFurther

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