Ford and Me

Vignale // whoa-oh


Another post just to share a couple of my favourite ‘posed’ shots from day 2. To remind you we drove a Milano Grigio Fiesta Vignale 1.0 Ecoboost.

It had been raining, so no lying in the fields today, but we found a castle to act as an appropriate background for a car with this kind of class…

I’ll be doing a full details post on each of the two cars I had during the event, but hopefully these whet your appetite for now!

I’ve been taking part in a really special @forduk event this week, sharing all the excitement with you on Social Media. Be Social with me using the icons below #newfiesta #FordFiesta

3 thoughts on “Vignale // whoa-oh

  1. Milano Grigio?? sounds more like a wine that a car!!!


  2. Scrap that last post…typo!


  3. Milano Grigio?? Sounds more like a wine than a car!!!


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